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Avg. Stay
Czech Republic
New Zealand
Sri Lanka
  • (Mavisco Sdn Bhd, KL 24th to 30th May 2011)
  • (Xu Tong, China 25th to 26th May 2011)
  • (Evlory Enoana,Philippines 20th to 24th May 2011)
  • (Alvin Rulona, Philippines 15th to 16th May 2011)
  • (Viktor Kravchenko, Kazakhstan 13th May to 4th June 2011)
  • (Klos Boonthawee, Thailand 11th to 12th May 2011)
  • (Amanda Anne Dyke, UK 11th to 15th May 2011)
  • (Peter Saunders, UK 10th to 12th May 2011)
  • (Isuru Champika Senarath, Sri Lanka 5th to 6th May 2011)
  • Very clean and affordable for our family. (Mohd Kamal, KL 30th to 1st May 2011)
  • (Anke Schikowski, Deutsch 27th to 28th Apr 2011)
  • (Maltida Hanna Makjatta Palmv, Finland 19th to 21st Apr 2011)
  • (Alfred Austin Gonzaga, Philippines 15th Apr to 20 Apr 2011)
  • (Dojchara Kosolchuenvijit, Thailand 14th to 15th Apr 2011)
  • Very friendly staff with directions to Singapore. Big and nice rooms. (Anis Ardianti, Indonesia 12th to 13th Apr 2011)
  • (Kassnin Bin Jamal, Singapore 12th to 14th Apr 2011)
  • (Damien O’Mahony, Ireland 11th to 12th Apr 2011)
  • (Tawatchai Larprungruang, Thailand 11th to 12th Apr 2011)
  • (Carmen Buan, Philippines 11th Apr to 15th Apr 2011)
  • One of the cleanest homestay ever. (Van Der Zijl, Netherlands 6th Apr to 7th Apr 2011)
  • (Debra Jane Lundstorm, Australia 6th Apr to 7th Apr 2011)
  • (Alexandra Jodi Daglish, Australia 5th Apr to 7th Apr 2011)
  • Great facilities and nice place. (Douglas Albert Shipton, Canada 21st Feb to 7th Mar 2011)
  • (Habib Jewels Sdn Bhd, KL 13th Mar to 29th Mar 2011)
  • Clean and large rooms, and kitchen facilities were much appreciated. The self-check in system they were testing seems to work ok. Just make sure you email them to get the password.(Hostelworld , USA 31st Jan to 1 Feb 2011)
  • (Jessica Gail, USA 30 th to 1st Feb 2011)
  • (R.Naoya, Japan 27th Jan to 25th Feb 2011)
  • (Christopher Watts, UK 29th to 30th Jan 2011)
  • (Manu Antero, Finland 19th to 20th Jan 2011)
  • (H. Boscardin, France 17th to 18th Jan 2011)
  • (Song Jueng Eun, S.Korea 14th to 15th Jan 2011)
  • (Tinsley Anne, N.Ireland 9th to 11 Jan 2011)
  • Good stay and clean for our new year in JB. (Zul & Family, 31st to 1st Jan 2011)
  • Great hospitality by Dave, we enjoyed our travel to and fro Singapore to visit Universal Studio Sentosa.(Kelly, 23rd to 26th Dec)
  • (Inthirany, KL 9th Dec to 11th Dec)
  • Saves cost for our company. (Mines Marketing,KL 2nd Dec to 4th Dec)
  • (Eng, Seremban 21th to 22nd Nov )
  • The facilities was good for house booking. (Yap,KL 20th to 21th Nov)
  • (Ms chan, KL 24th Nov to 27th Nov)
  • Whole Hse Facilities was great for our wedding. (Toi, KL 12th to 14th Nov)
  • (Shearer, USA 18th Dec to 19th Dec)
  • Nice and clean. (Shiela Albador, Philippines 9th Dec to 10th Dec)
  • (Mr Syed, KL 5th Dec to 7th Dec)
  • The whole Hse facilities was good for our wedding stay in JB. (Mr Zaini,KL 25th Nov to 28th nov)
  • (Mr leong, KL 5th Nov to 6th Nov 2010)
  • ( Richard H, UK 9th Nov to 10th Nov 2010)
  • The big comfortable capacity for more than 20 pax at budget cost beats the rest in JB. Good support given by staff. ( Habib Sdn Bhd, KL 28th Oct to 8th Nov 2010)
  • (Rushdi, KL 6th to 7th Nov 2010)
  • (Mdm Noris, KL 5th Nov 2010)
  • Best concept able to fit all our families under one roof. (Mohd Khairil, KL 29th Oct to 30 Oct 2010)
  • (Judge Madeline, UK 19th to 21st Oct 2010)
  • (De Campo, Philippines 15th Oct to 17th Oct 2010)
  • (Ossowki, Poland 14th Oct to 15th Oct 2010)
  • (Alan Wade, Australia 23rd Oct to 26th Oct 2010)
  • (Marko , Switzerland 12th Oct to 13th Oct 2010)
  • Big Rooms, we managed to put up 20 pax comfortable clean and affordable. (Mdm Hasmah, KL 8th Oct to 9th Oct 2010)
  • Great value accommodation, considering the space and facilities and the guy that checked me in was super friendly and helpful. ( Irish, 14th Oct to 15th Oct 2010)
  • ( Olthof, Netherlands 3 Oct to 6th Oct 2010)
  • It was the best stay we had in malasia!!very clean, safe and nice. if you are in johor bahru-stay here!! ( German, 4th Sep to 5th Sep )
  • The place was clean and the rooms big with airconditioning. The owner was very helpful and friendly. There was a big store across the street that had everything we needed. We took a taxi from the guesthouse to Larkin station and the taxi arrived 5 mins after our request, so it is an easy spot to get transport from. (Norwegian, Norway 16 Aug to 17 Aug 2010)
  •  Great place, very clean the price is the cheapest in town for budget traveller like me. (Charles Cole Edward, USA  22 Jul to 24 Jul 2010En Syaiful, KL 10 Jul to 11Jul 2010)
  • (James Abbott, UK  16Jul to 17 Jul 2010)
  • (En Mohd Sabri Bin A Rahman, Terengganu  14Jul to 15 Jul 2010)
  • Just finished a month’s stay at JB Guesthouse in Johor Bahru and wanted to  recommend it highly to other travellers. I initially stayed at Good….. Guesthouse but the location was terrible, my room was really small and I felt really lonely and isolated. After some time I moved to JB Guesthouse which was in a much better location in terms of very close to the Singapore customs entry, downtown JB and a 1 minute walk to lots of really cheap & delicious hawker food stalls, wifi cafes and shops. It was really a great find and very peaceful, convenient and private. The rooms are HUGE and most are self-contained but there is a public kitchen and a washing machine as well.The owner Dave and his partner Joe were also the mostcaring and helpful people I have met and made my month’s stay even more pleasant.Personally, I think JB Guesthouse was heaps better than my stay in Singapore. It was far cheaper and much nicer than living in extremely crowded, cramped and expensive accomodation in Singapore. It really felt like Home Away From Home and would highly recommend it to anyone who is waiting for their visa to Singapore. (Adrienne, Australia 28 May to 29 June 2010)
  • (Viktor Govenko & Anna, Lithuania 4 Jul to 25 Jul 2010)
  • Overall the house is clean and presentable. (Oldfield Robert John, UK 3 Jul to 10 Jul 2010)
  • (Karge Bjorn, Berlin 30 June to 1 July 2010)
  • (Anna Maria, Sweden 30-June to 10 July 2010)
  • (Signe Margit Olsen, Denmark 29-June’2010)
  • (Howard Dominic Stephen, UK 23-Jun to 27-June’2010)
  • I will definetly consider staying at the guesthouse again next time I am in JB.  It was truly a nice place to stay. Good people, safe neighborhood, and has a very homey feel. (Daniel Ford, USA 03-May to 03-June’2010)
  • (Donoghue Craig, UK 13-May to 14-May’2010)
  • Very Clean and Dave was helpful. (Yin Yun, China 10-May to 11-May’2010)
  • (Daniel, UK 9-May to 10-May’2010)
  • (Norfleet, USA 29-Apr to 29-May’2010)
  • (Alcantara Karina, Philippines 27-Apr ro 28-Apr’2010)
  • (Mines Marketing Sdn Bhd, KL 30-Apr to 2-May-2010)
  • (Ainokitchen Malaysia Sdn Bhd, KL 07-Apr to 11-Apr’2010)
  • (Miraxis Sdn Bhd, KL 23-Apr to 25-Apr-2010)
  • (Lisa Marie, Ireland 28-Mar to 30-Mar’2010)
  • (Touchconcept Sdn Bhd, KL 24-Mar to 28-Mar’2010)
  • (Emilia Ewa, Poland 22-Mar to 25-Mar’2010)
  • (Unruh Stephan James, Canada 21-Mar to 23-Mar’2010)
  • Clean rooms and very nice for a budget stay. (Urgel Rosalinda, Philippines 18-Mar ro 24-Mar’2010)
  • Whole house booking was affordable for our family wedding function and staff.(Warisan Logistic Group, KL 8-Mar to 13-Mar’2010)
  •  (Valiukonis, Rep of Lithuania 12-Mar to 13-Mar’2010)
  • Great place to stay!! (Hannepanneponika, Belgium 4 Mar)
  • Just great our wedding preparation. Nice and clean. (Encik Azlan, KL 10-Mar to 16-Mar’2010)
  • (Joanne Ellen Louise, UK 6-Mar to 7-Mar’2010)
  • (Van Waes Hanne, Belgium 3-Mar to 4 Mar’2010)
  • (Totani Yasush, Japan 1-Mar to 9-Mar’2010)
  • Very clean like the facilities and the room. (Farzam Nia, Iran 22-Feb to 26 Feb’2010)
  • (Marie Keenan, UK 20 Feb to 22 Feb’2010)
  • (Ricardo Francisco, USA 5-Feb to 5-Mar’2010)
  • The whole Hse booking was very affordable and nice for our family. (Mr Ahmad, KL 26-Feb to 28-Feb’2010)
  • Dave was great, very clean and professionally run. (Vokurka Ivan, Chech Rep 14-Feb to 21-Feb’2010)
  • (McFadden Ross Thomas, Australia 15-Feb to 17-Feb’2010)
  • Nice place, very clean. (Elizabeth Marie, USA 1-Feb to 2-Feb’2010)
  • (Reka Pal, Germany 7-Feb)
  • This is our second stay there. Dave was gracious with us in giving us the room that we wanted. No complaints. We will definitely go back and stay there in the future.(Marielle, Philippines 15-Jan to 17-Jan’2010)
  • Neat concept. (OJO, Nigeria 5-Jan’2010)
  • (Mielke Alexander, Germany 4-Jan)
  • Nice and clean place. Many places to eat nearby. (Dwigh Lark A.Galam, Philippines 15-Jan to 16-Jan’2010)
  • Really liked the place, all the facilities provided. (Roshni Caputo, USA 1-Jan to 3-Jan’2010)
  • (Rhea ochia, Philippines 3-Jan to 7-Jan’2010)
  • (Habib Jewels Sdn Bhd, KL 26-Jan to 31-Jan’2010)
  • Really nice place, you even get your own small kitchen. It is very clean and its like having your own apartment. There are plenty of restaurants nearby. It is a bit of a way off from the town center, but there are buses and taxis are pretty reasonable in Johor. Good place, I’d recommend it for anyone needing a clean and secure place to stay in Johor.(Andrew, Canada 22 Jan to 24 Jan’2010)
  • (Trang Can, Australia 23-Jan to 26-Jan’2010)
  • Loved the place very much, Autochecked in early in the morning with any hassle.(Ms Sri Handini, Idonesia 21-Jan to 22-Jan’2010)
  • (Treuter, Germany 20-Jan to 26-Jan’2010)
  • (Manoj, Thailand 25-Jan to 26-Jan’2010)
  • Very clean place, free internet usage 24hr. (Julian Oshea, Australia 27-Jan to 28-Jan’2010)
  • Enjoyed my stay here, superb prize for backpackers. (Jean Baptiste, France 14-Dec’2009)
  • Dave was great, the guesthouse concept is good and unique. Clean and could do my own cooking and laundry for free. Great for budget stay for corporate clients.(Shenoy Anand, DECA FZE Pte.Ltd , India Oct-2009 to Dec-2009)
  • Nice concept the whole house booking, our family enjoyed our stay here. (Md Hafiz, KL 27-Dec to 28-Dec 2009)
  • The Whole Hse booking in JB was a life saver for our group due to tight budget.(Penang Hockey Federation, 20-Dec to 26-Dec’2009)
  • The guesthouse was very cozy and homy. It reminds me to my own home. The facility was complete as well. I gotta admit the security was so great. It has its own standard. Unfortunately the location wasn’t ideal for going around. There’s no place interesting near there. (Ignatius Budi Satmoko, Indonesia 25-Dec to 27-Dec’2009)
  • (Kaf Arski, Poland 17-Dec)
  • (McCarthy Darren Paul, UK 12-Dec)
  • (DeCastro Geraldine, Philippines 14-Dec to 14 Jan’2010)
  • The Guesthouse was great, easy and near for us to travel into Singapore. (Carmen Ana, Romania 9-Dec to 11-Dec’2009)
  • (Grazyllo Ann, Philippines 9-Dec to 12-Dec’2009)
  • The whole house booking concept was just great for our family stay in johor bahru. Really cheap and the facilities was great. (Hairuddin Bin Mohamed, KL 4-Dec to 6 Dec-2009)
  • Really safe and clean place for a single lady traveller, enjoyed my stay, food was great around the guesthouse. (Janet Foo, USA 22-Nov to 26-Nov’2009)
  • (Ojo Osaigbovo Eseosa, Nigeria 20-Nov)
  • We liked the place very much, very homely and enjoyed the cleanliness. (Guo Chuan Xiang, China 12-Nov)
  • We really had a fun time here while waiting to process our papers in Singapore. It was near to commute to Singapore to process the paperwork. Really value for money stay for me. (Dr Hornyak, Hungary 1-Oct to 18-Nov’2009)
  • (McFadden, Canada 27-Oct)
  • (Jung Min Lee, Korea 26-Oct)
  • It was really a unique experience, free WIFI and internet use. (Callum James, New Zealand 20-Oct)
  • This is just the continuation of our first trip there. No complaints. Overall our stay was good. (Marielle, Philippines 21-Oct)
  • Pretty good. Clean, simple but very homey and comfortable. (Marielle, Philippines 15-Oct)
  • Pretty good. (Maria Montagna, Italy 30 Sep)
  • Very homely and unique concept and absolutely safe. (Fazli, KL 16-Oct)
  • (Maddick Amy, British 30-Sep)
  • I enjoyed my staff with all the laundry and cooking facilities made available. (Totani Yasushi, Japan 28-Sep to 9-Oct’2009)
  • Nice. (Ottavio Corsini, Italy 28-Sep)
  • Good and clean facilities , Dave was great in directions. (Steineman, UK 23-Sep to 27-Sep’2009)
  • Great Concept for whole house booking really value for money for big family travelling down. (Suhaimi, KL 19-Sep to 21-Sep’2009)
  • Although JB is usually not more than a stopover point, we had a great stopover here! Dave (the owner) is exceptionally helpful and friendly (giving us directions on the local buses for much cheaper than the tourist buses!), and the guesthouse is located near to a main street with plenty of cafes and shops. The room was superior quality for a decent price. (Eviebrowne, England 8-Sep)
  • The room was great with clean attached bath. (Mikko Einari, Finland 22-Sep to 24 Sep’2009)
  • The Whole house concept was nice, my family liked it a lot,will beback in the future.(Rahman, KL 21-Sep to 24-Sep’2009)
  • (Sanders Peter, UK 18-Sep to 19-Sep’2009)
  • Its very clean and well maintained. (Patrick, KL 16 Sep)
  • Great budget stay for companies, the staff enjoyed the stay with the whole house concept. (Habib Jewels Sdn Bhd, KL 26-Aug to 26-Sep’2009)
  • Great facilities beats staying in costly Singapore yet easy to travel into Singapore for visits. (Prebble John Gade, Australia 5-Sep to 5-Oct’2009)
  • (Kelso Stephen Andrew,USA 7-Sep)
  • (Karin Emelia,UK 26-Aug)
  • The place was clean and enjoyed the free laundy and internet facilities. (Jonsson, Sweden 26-Aug)
  • (Kawai Toshihira,Japan 15-Aug)
  • Budget stay for company staff doing project in Johor Bahru. Great facilities.(Raffcomm Sdn. Bhd, KL 13-Aug to 13-Sep’2009)
  • (Henrick,Germany 11-Aug)
  • Great place for company stay, our staff was delighted. (Telco Pte. Ltd, Sweden 7-Aug)
  • Nice and clean place, we enjoyed our month’s stay here. (Kate Engune Oyun, UK 16-Aug to 16Sep’2009)
  • (Riedel, Germany 22-Jul)
  • (Elizabeth Linda, Holland 8-Jun to 9-Jun’2009)
  • We enjoyed our stay with the whole house concept, the children enjoyed it and it was very near to JB city. (Muhd Fadhil, Perak 11-Jun to 12-Jun’2009)
  • (Jaswant Singh, KL 7-Jul to 8-Jul’2009)
  • Unique in JB, could not find else where, great set up for large family for whole house booking. (Maliah Surip, Trengganu 8-May)
  • It is a lovely, I feel safe living here as a single lady. The cooking and laundry facilities were great. (Khaidar, Mongolia 11-Jun to 11-Jul’2009)
  • (Ma Yo Chun, Taiwan 8-Jun)
  • I was here for a conference, the guesthouse price was really value for money.(Sharma Kapil, India 2-Jun to 5-Jun’2009)
  • Nice and cozy place, come down for business. (Cynthia, KL 8-Jul to 9-Jul’2009)
  • (James Bradshaw, UK 4-Jul to 10-Jul’2009)
  • We liked the room with kitchen facilities, really value for money stay. (Reyes Jm Paulo, Philippines 14-Jul to 20-Jul’2009)
  • Great concept and really budget for my visiting relatives for a wedding in the whole house. The facilities were great. (Ms Soh Mei Gek, Singapore 23-Jul to 25 Jul-2009)
  • My family like the house, it even came with Astro and WIFI facilities. (Abdul Aziz, KL 15 Jul)
  • Very clean !! (Moro Lucas, Australia 29-Jun to 4-Jun’2009)
  • (Yeti Tan, Indonesia 23-Jun)
  • (Stretjek, Czech Rep, 23-Jun)
  • Lovely house with good facilities, my children enjoyed it a lot. (Che Samsudin, KL 8-Jun to 9-Jun’2009)
  • Nice for my visiting relatives, not be able to find anything cheaper for my 20 relatives. (Kamdiah Binti Md Sharif, KL 4-Jun to 6-Jun’2009)
  • The whole house booking was really reasonable for us to book for our wedding.(Ms Foo Chia Yin, KL 30-May to 31-May’2009)
  • Great guest house, we came a day early and although it was fully booked Dave arranged something so we could stay. Very clean and we had own bathroom. (Els van den Bosch, Holland 29-May’2009)
  • (Prebble, GBR 22-May to 23-May’2009)
  • Great place for decent price in JB, could not find any hostel. (Nguyen Thi Thu Hugen, Vietnam 12-May)
  • Great place to stay in JB, excellent security, facilities and the staff were very friendly and helpful.Would definitely stay again if in JB. (Christopher Harrison, England 28-Apr’2009)
  • Great savings for our company assignment in JB and our staff loved the facilities offered with Astro included. (Sun Life Style Sdn Bhd, KL 20-Apr to 25-Apr-2009)
  • (Christensen Terrie, Australia 1-Apr)
  • (Bordon, Germany 10-Mar’2009)
  • Very clean secure place, but slightly out of town and not a lot to do. Great value for the price though. (Lee Garrett, England 29-Feb’2009)
  • (Martin Pavelka, Czech Rep 31-Jan to 2-Feb’2009)
  • This has got to be the best place to stay if you have to spend any time in Johor Bahru so clean, free internet and free laundry and would stay again if needed.(patricia hockenhull, England 2-Jan’2009)
  • Great concept, better than some of the budget hotel I used to live in when in JB.(Eduardo Alexandre, Brazil 17-Jan to 19-Jan’2009)
  • (Jan Arcimowicz, Poland 13-Jan to 15-Jan’2009)
  • (Gregory, USA 11-Jan)
  • (Malcom John, New Zealand 8-Jan’2009)
  • My famil enjoyed the room with the pantry, very clean place. (Rarjee, S.Africa 22-Dec to 29-Dec’2008)
  • (TJOA Tan, Brazil 14-Dec’2008)
  • Stood there for 1 night after my Singapore-Trip. Excellent Value for money. You will need to phone one of the managers, as there is no reception. Will come back for sure. (Markus, Germany 11-Dec to 13-Dec’2008)
  • (Anna Pauline, Sweden 11-Dec to 13-Dec’2008)
  • (Raymond Myles, S.Africa 12-Jul’2008)
  • Good Stay for my work. (Robert @ Isa (MOE, Malaysia), KL 2-Apr to 4-Apr’2008)
  • I just wanted to express my thanks for all your help with my stay in JB.Although it was shorter than planned, you made it easy with all theinformation you provided so my wife and I didn’t have to worry about getting around and costs etc. Your guest house is very clean and has all the facilities we needed for our stay. If we are in JB again we would surely be giving you a call to come and stay again. (Claire & Stuart Lunn-Walker, Australia 2-Feb’2008)